A Bit About Toddlers


Between 12 and 18 months, your toddler gains in autonomy. They walk, climb, recognize more and more words and they are more and more interested in what happens around them.

Since they touch all around them and move alone, your baby becomes a toddler, they want to see everything, and hear everything, and touch everything. This is a very demanding age in terms of security but it’s also a period with a lot of happiness that you will never forget. They discover and create and they are convinced that nothing can stop them.

Between 13 and 14 months, they begin to dance to their favorite music, to push their toys and also to turn when they walk but only when they want. Toddlers may still be uncertain, they try to walk quickly to practice their balance and it’s difficult to change their trajectory.

Your toddler is now able to play with cubes, and building blocks. They enjoy this because these toys practice their dexterity and their concentration. They quickly gain dexterity and will be able soon to open boxes and turn the pages of a book.

building blocks for toddlers
toddler toys

About 15 months they may kneel down to stand up just after taking a break. They will have some difficulties to avoid obstacles until 18 months, but at this moment they will begin to run.

More and more they understand things, and their new dexterity allows them to make strategies. About 15 months they can play with empty chests and play with musical instruments. Also, toddlers will be able to dress and undress without anybody like a boss.



In this age you will see that your toddler is more and more affectionate and funny, they give hugs, play with their friends and try to attract your attention. They share neither their toys nor their loved ones. Moreover, they can begin to become jealous when you pay attention to other people. You can already begin to talk to them about these emotions when they live them.

About 12 months your toddler will recognize their name and can say some words. At about  18 months they will know between 10 to 15 words. This progress will be subtle, they will not be able to form complete sentences at once. Moreover, their difficulties in communicating will frustrate them occasionally but by using an adult language, you will help them to learn faster. You have to know that your toddler is storing more words than they say, about seven to ten per day.

tiddler learning new words
toddler reading a book

They recognize simple sentences and can give you objects if you simply ask them. Toddlers can also show you what objects you are talking about, even if they aren’t yet able to name them and repeat some noises.

Even if they are not paying attention to their toys yet but now they remember what others do and copy your gestures. They try to use tools and keys for example. They also understand that things continue to exist even if they no longer see them and it reassures them.



At 12 months of age, your child will be vaccinated against measles, rubella, and mumps. There will be a recall of this time, this will also protect against chickenpox. At the age of 18 months, they will also receive one for diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, hepatitis B, and polio.

Moreover, molars and canines will grow, they will sometimes irritate your toddler. You have to continue brushing their teeth, or at least rebrush after them, even if they insist on doing it alone.



Your toddler starts expressing their food preferences and they are in tasting mode, even if that means they eat only a few pieces of each flavor. At about 15 months, they can carry a spoon to their mouths. This will not be done cleanly and they will have a little difficulty, but let them do it and this will give them a lot of autonomy.

Give them water often in a cup. It is a good habit to take and as they drink less and less milk, water is the best solution to hydrate them.



At this age, your child may not always want to take a bath. To make them want to take a bath, do not hesitate to offer them toys and containers that they can fill and empty.

It’s important to always watch them closely when bathing.

They may also want to wash their face and hands on their own, this means you can give them a washcloth and show them how this can be done at the beginning of the wash, or at the end.

toddler hygene
toddler hygene



Your child requires more and more autonomy, but they still need you to take them to bed to make them feel safe. To help them sleep while encouraging them to take control of their routine, let them choose their story, let them choose a night light, and drink water if they want.



Dress them appropriately with good shoes and clothing close to the body so that it does not interfere with their movements. At home, you can let them walk barefoot, but you have to always keep an eye on your child. Is it also a good time to teach them to play alone, but you have to organize a safe space.  Keep away dangerous products and pointed objects, your child is in an intense exploration phase. So be careful.



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