3 things to keep in mind during pregnancy

I know it is not a surprise but at some point it will hit you that you have a tiny human growing in your body, and that is amazing. But what now? Will you be a good parent? What if something is not right? Might the nosy neighbor be right about eating seafood during a pregnancy can harm your baby or the woman at the grocery shop who said you have to listen to Vivaldi to grow you baby’s IQ?

Well don’t worry, there are many great books about what to expect, what will happen to you, what expert suggest, what you should eat, how you should wear your jeans. Basically, all the information that you felt irrelevant for now turns into super important topics you might worry about. Let me get one thing straight at the beginning! Pregnancy from the point, when you just realized you are pregnant might look an extremely long journey, 3 trimesters, 9 month, around 41 weeks. Believe me, in a year you will miss the feeling and wish some parts would have taken longer, even with the swelled up foot, the mood swings and the weird habit people obtain by touching your belly.

In this article, I would like to give you some tips to keep in mind while you are pregnant and about to start to worry about every little detail, as in your mind they can make or break the situation. And always remember to enjoy every bits and piece of it your pregnancy, there is a reason people call it a blessing.

1.Pick the right information

First things first, educate yourself, get to know the things that you can expect during the pregnancy. The only thing you should always keep in mind is to choose your sources of information wise! The nosey old man from the other site of the street as mentioned before is a no-no, the wide platform of the internet is a big bowl to where everyone can upload any ideas so think about the validity as well.

Choosing a book to educate yourself on topics is always a good idea, as they have to go through editors and publicists before they can be printed, it is less likely that they have false information. Now you might say, okay but if I go to a bookshop the list of books written for pregnant women is pretty extensive.

  • Try to choose something that had been published recently, pregnancy and the practices linked to it changes quite often.
  • Read a bit about the author, how they rate her, read a few lines of the book you are about to choose, as it should be entertaining to read but still should include the most important facts.
  • Ask the opinion of your mom or mommy to be friends, your doctor and the shop assistant at the books store or a librarian what they favour or suggest. The more perspectives you have the better decision you can make.

2. Choose the doctor wise

Do not try to rush things, let it be the nursery, toys, and food for him or her, baby supplies for the everyday life or training on how to be a better parent. You are about the experience something that is totally new and different in some ways for everyone, therefore take all the advice you can get, but filter them. Who have ever experienced the feeling of being a new parent will know how insecure you can be at a certain point in time, they are trying to help you by giving all their best advice.

It is okay to overthink, overreact and make mistakes, you baby will love you with all the flaws and mistakes you might make, you are the perfect mommy to him or her, trust your instincts.

Your instincts accompanied by a good pregnancy specialist (or obstetrician) will ensure that you will have the right guidance through the whole process and source information. And as usual, I will give you some tips on how to pick your specialist other than going to the same pregnancy specialist the whole family visits.

  • Take into consideration any previous medical records (blood pressure, previous C-section, diabetes etc.)
  • Also, try to get to know the doctors you are choosing from, how do they treat people, how patient they are ( as when you are pregnant and about to give birth, patient will be your last priority between contractions)
  • Choose an obstetrician who can explain you everything straight forward and understandable, in summary, someone you can rely on
  • Lastly, ask the people, friends, pregnancy groups in your area, family, friends and anyone who you trust, filter all the information and make your decision


3. Pamper yourself with care

Last but not least, always remember you are doing an incredible thing with your body, you deserve to be treated good, especially now. Pregnancy will make you look pretty, they say. Well, to be honest, that might not be the case 24/7 at least in your opinion, but in the eyes of your family, partner and everybody you will look perfect. Either way, you deserve some pampering, take some days off to relax, get a good massage or a fresh haircut whatever you fell like.

There is a reason I haven’t listed a lot of things on the contrary. Your body during pregnancy is a shield around your baby, a shield that distributes everything to your baby, so think carefully what you get in touch with.

  • Baby can receive chemicals what you breathe in, so it is wise to avoid painting walls, changing cat litter or stay around smokers
  • Skin distributes the fewer substances, therefore in many cases with some precautions, you can keep the majority of your beauty practices, like nails and hair care or dye (just don’t inhale too much)
  • By eating things you can influence your baby the most, as he or she eats what you eat trough the umbilical cord, so it is wise to avoid smoked or raw meat and any similar dish that can cause infection


In a summary what I suggest to any pregnant woman out there is to trust your instincts, dare to ask and accept any advice, filter them and put to good use.

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