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Yoga it up mommies

We all have seen those amazing photos of people in the park wearing those perfect working out clothes doing some crazy positions and looking completely relaxed. And then you look at your mommy to be body and think there is no way you can do that. Thinking about thing like you get tired even from walking up the stairs, or sometimes you fall asleep when just sitting down to catch your breath. No, it’s not something for a mommy, it seems to be too much exercise.

Well, think again! As before I have clarified some myths for mommy to be’s about pregnancy, baby toys and sleeping habits in this part I will tell you why you should start yoga today. How can you benefit from it, what to pay attention to and how can you involve your partner.


What is yoga in general?

If we look at a short history, yoga was invented about 2,000 years ago in India and it is basically a philosophical guidebook. There are 8 main types of yoga focusing on postures, breathing, concentration and so on. Yoga is something that can energize your body (which could really benefit a mommy to be), relax your nerves, it can also feed your soul and surround you with positive energy. It is not an actual fitness or physical exercise, it is much more. And there is another good news, namely that yoga is so common in many countries that you can easily find a studio to practice or even do it at home based on some videos (although for a mommy to be I would recommend an instructor during pregnancy).


Why is it good for mommies?

Well, the answer is quite simple. It’s yoga, it is good for every generation, for physical and for mental problems people might face, by including relaxation and stretching exercises in a session. And how is it related to you, as a mommy to be? Well it can benefit you on quite some levels, let me give a short list:

  • It can teach you to relax in many situations and have a better control over you emotions and mood
  • Yoga can help you improve your balance and easy fatigue with small exercises
  • By keeping your muscles in a constant use you can get back in shape in much less time
  • By showing you some basic breathing exercise and with the relaxation techniques you can bear the process of labor
  • It also strengthen your muscles and can easy some back pain you might get carrying you baby 24/7 (a huge mommy to be problem)
  • It can relax your baby and reduce your and his or her stress level, moreover you baby is likely to be much more relaxed in the first few month
  • You can meet up during pregnant yoga with other mommies, make friends and get extra advice


Always be careful

Now that we have established that yoga can make your pregnancy and the first few month with your baby much easier. And now please read the following suggestions really carefully, as you know sport is extremely healthy but if you do not do it the right way it can have reverse effects. This rule applies to doing yoga as a mommy to be as well, so keep them in mind all times.

  1. Find a yoga instructor, who worked before with mommy to group, or has an expertise in mommy yoga
  2. If you go to a regular yoga class, let your instructor know how far you are, as there are some positions, which are not recommended after a while
  3. Try not to spend too much time on your back, as it can have an effect on the blood flow to your uterus
  4. Stretch, bend and do exercise only to an extent which makes you comfortable and feels good ( this is not the time to stretch your limits)
  5. Be really careful with stretching your abdominal or in general stretching too much to avoid strains and pulls
  6. Do yoga in an environment that relaxes you, fresh air, right temperature (this is one of the most important), good lighting, comfortable mattress
  7. Keep in mind your center of gravity changed, bending, leaning might be trickier

This list might seem long, and include many things but if you really think it trough it is only about doing things what makes you comfortable, and letting an expert guide you.


Involve your partner!

I have good news, you don’t have to exclude your partner either, in fact, it is even better if he is around. There are great yoga positions for couples and having him around and doing things together is always nice. From around the 19th week of your pregnancy in the second trimester, your baby can hear you, make use of it.

Taking him to yoga classes where you can meet other parents to be, as I mentioned you can meet other mommy to be’s and make friends but he can have some extra support from other daddy to be’s as well. You can also extend the doing yoga at home, after the pregnancy, and involve him. Both of you around the baby can strengthen the family bond, and get the father and the baby closer.

mommy to be yoga with partner

Some things to prepare

I hope by the end of the article you are already convinced about yoga, and you are about to look up some places where they have yoga for mommy to be’s or calling your mommy friends where do they go.

You will see you do not need a lot of things to do yoga, but let me suggest some things what will make you feel more comfortable going. For the first class, it is good to take the following things with you.

  • Comfortable and stretchy clothes, think about how comfortable they are when you lean, bend and stretch
  • A good mattress, to do yoga on, not too thin or too thick, remember you have to sit an lay on it for some positions
  • Depending on the nature of the yoga class you can also take a thin blanket, some tennis balls or straps

The moves you have learned during mommy to be yoga is also something you can keep doing at home with you baby boy or baby girl after the pregnancy.

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